Video Experiment

Before the 2016 season started I set a goal for myself, an experiment. I decided I would attempt to put out a roughly 30 second video after every day of every event I attended in 2016. With one exception I think I was successful with my experiment.

Migrating from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

Several years ago I upgraded my static website to Drupal 6 combined with Gallery2 for my photos. Not longer after that Drupal 7 and Gallery3 came out, but G3 wasn't compatible with Drupal 7. 3.1 was supposed to be, but it was taking a while for it to come out. I held off on updating my site. My site was beginning to get stale, and I wasn't sure what to do, when word came down that the Gallery team decided to throw in the towel, 3.1 won't be coming out. My site was having some issues with Drupal 6, it was time to upgrade. But to what?

Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu

When I found out we had a race lined up in Peru, I decided I was going to go, so that I could visit Machu Picchu. I’ve wanted to visit Machu Picchu for a long time, and this was finally my chance to visit. I didn’t know at the time how difficult it would be.

Malarrara Pro


Malarrara Pro

World Championship

Teutonia, Brazil

About 100 kilometers from Porte Alegre, Brazilians fourth largest metropolitan area lies the small shoe making community of Teutonia. About 10 kilometers from Teutonia, up in the mountains, is a popular picnic destination Lagoa da Haromia. About half way between the two is a steep, paved cliff. The course for the fastest race on earth.

Copa de Los Andes Tarma


Copa de Los Andes Tarma

Tarma, Peru

3000 meters high into the Andes lies the Pearl of the Andes, Tarma, Peru. Tarma is also referred to the city of the flowers. There are many flower fields surrounding the city. In April there is the Semana Santa a colorful procession on carpets of flowers.

Tarma lies in a valley in the Andes, continuing up another half hour lies the course. The course starts on a relatively straight section. The top portion is fairly slow leading up to two sets of hairpins. They aren’t quite back to back, but fairly close. Leaving the second hairpin the speeds start to build up heading into a hard left. The road continues in a fairly straight to one more set of double hairpins. For here the road gets a little steeper and the speeds pick up for the final straight. The majority of the spectators gather around the high speed right hand turn and the finish line.

Verdiccio Euro Championships


Verdicchio Euro Championships

Castelplanio, Italy

In Central Italy is the Marche region, famous for growing the white wine grape, Verdicchio. Jesi, not far from the Adriatic Sea is most famous for the Verdicchio grape. Just a few minutes up the road is the small town of Castelplanio.

The town covers a hill side, with most of the town at the bottom, but part of the town at the top. The road connecting the two portions of the town was our course.


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