World Championships


Jungholz, Austria

The World Championships returns as Almabtrieb in Jungholz

after a year off. Almabtrieb was not held in 2006 because the road was being paved. Jungholz is a small ski resort town in a section of Austria that is completely surronded by Germany. There is a small grocery store, a handful of restaurants, a ski lift and three banks in the small Bavarian town.

The course starts in front of the fire department. There is a long left handed sweeper, followed by a right hand sweeper. The road drops off, and speeds pick up at the end of the sweeper. A long straight shot, with a slight left handed kink builds up the speeds to a hard left. This left is barely makeable at speed without breaking. Speeds continue to pickup before hitting a hard left turn, immediately followed by a hard right. The hard right brings the riders around a large expanse of grass, with just enough time to set up for a left hairpin. The hairpin empties into a long right steep carousel. The Carousel ends at a bridge. The course takes a left turn over the bridge and finishes in Germany.

The course starts near the fork and knife near Felsenbad, and finishes up near the left edge of the map, just to the left of Habsbichl.

Wednesday, July 11

This year the camp site and tent were a short walk down hill from the fire station, next to the town pool.

The Brits managed to pitch their tents in the pool area! There wasn't a big field, most of the camp was a bit spread out.

There was a nice registration booth, just outside of the mess tent.

I decided to sit out the morning practice. I didn't want to run in the wet. I walked down the course, to watch from the turns. It hadn't rained since practice started, so the road slowly began to dry.

I tried to take one run before the lunch break, but had some equipment issues.

Lunch was in the mess tent.

The sun came out after lunch, and the course looked completely dry.

After a great afternoon session, it was time to clean up and head to dinner. I took the opportunity to take a picture of the banner out on the main road.

Thursday, July 12

Once again the skies were cloudy, and it was lightly raining. Again I decided to sit out the morning session. I'll practice after lunch, wet or dry. The day started off with morning calestenics

There was a TV crew out to do some filming. They ran a POV cam.

Fortunately during lunch, the weather was warming up. It warmed up enough that the tent was stuffy, and most of us sat outside.

Rumor has it that the weather will keep improving, and it won't be wet for the weekend. I hope so.

After dinner, I again went down to the tent. Most everyone was hanging out in front of the tent, around a bonfire.

After the riders meeting, most people hung out around the bonfire.

Friday, July 13

The sun was shining, and the sky was blue, very blue! Marcus was running tech inspection.

Street luge

After qualifying a bunch of us hit the pool. Yesterday we were all trying to stay dry, today everyone is diving into the pool to cool off. After a dinner it was back to the tent. One of the riders provided the entertainment.

I actually spent most of the evening setting up the brackets, so I missed most of the entertainment.

Saturday, July 13

Today is race day, and the sky is blue! Racing start with dirt surfers

With the sun out, the day kept getting warmer. People took to the shade where ever possible.

It is hard to believe how different the past two days have been compared to the first two days.

The buttboard race was next.

After lunch I walked down the course to watch the standup race.

Just before Meatball got to me, I snapped the shot, then felt the wind as he missed me by inches. I didn't realize it, but I was standing in the apex of the kink! I decided to move down the road a little. Unfortunately it was still difficult, they were either going to fast or they were out of focus.

We went down to check out the turns. On the way we past the beer garden.

was speaking German. I took a few pictures of the standup race before I had to head back up for the luge race.

It was time to head back up the hill to get ready for the luge race.

It was finally time for the luge race. We ran 6 man.

the World Championships were over. And now it was pool time.

Pretty much the entire race descended on the pool. You needed to get rid of anything you wanted dry, because it didn't take long to be tossed into the pool.

We all decided that having a jump in the pool after an amazing day of racing was an incredible way to end a race. It was a fairly non destructive way to burn off some energy.

As the sun went down, and the day began to cool, people started to get ready for dinner.

Once the sun set, I went to dinner. I knew that the awards ceremony would start late, so I had a nice relaxing dinner. Unfortunately it was too relaxing, as I missed all of the awards! They were giving out some random awards as I walked in.

with the course on it. Its hard to see, but there is a cross on top of the mountain just outside the village.

Since the price giving was over, the part started in earnest. There was a live band.

After the live band played, Eimer DJed, and there was plenty of dancing. I think I called it quits fairly early, sometime around 4am. Probably the earliest a World Championship party ended.

Despite starting the week off with cold and rainy weather, we ended the week with some really wonderful weather. The racing was good, and I think there was only one serious injury.