Jungholz, Austria

Once again we return to the sleepy Austrian town of Jungholz for Almabtrieb. While the town has three banks in it, it doesn't have a grocery store! Fortunately there are a few restaurants, and a swimming pool.

The course starts out next to the fire station down a gentle slope around two long sweepers. Towards the middle, the course drops away heading first to a small kink in the road. You can make the kink without braking, but it does take most of the road. The course continues past a restaurant heading for the 90 degree left. With almost no time to set up is a hard right, which is almost immediately followed by a left hairpin. Exiting the hairpin gives you time to set up for the right hand caraousel. The carosuel empties on to a bridge. Hanging a hard left takes you across the bridge and into Germany were the finish line is.

Tuesday, July 15th

We just left Peryagudes and barely had enough time to get here. We did spend Bastille Day in Paris, and spent most of the day traveling. The train on the last leg was out, so we had to take the bus. The good thing about the bus is it dropped us off in front of the hotel in Jungholz! We got in late in the afternoon, but it was early enough to register.

As I walked down the hill towards registration, I noticed how nice the weather was. I was thinking how this might be the first year I get to ride on the first day. The last few years it has always rained on the first day. I got down into camp, and found out that Andres had car troubles. I had put my luge in Andres' van, so I wouldn't have to lug it half way across Europe myself. Now it looks like we'll have nice weather, but I won't be able to ride! Roberto stepped up and loaned me a buttboard! After getting settled in and eating dinner, we hung out at the tent, sitting by the fire.

Wednesday, July 16

There was breakfast at the pool for campers.

I had breakfast in the hotel, so I don't know what they had, but I heard it was good.

Marcus started tech early,

While dinner was served at the Pool area, I ate at Gsathof Lochbihler, the restaurant at the first hard corner.  Stephane Risch had taken over the organization of Almabtrieb.

Eimer started selling some IGSA logoed items to help defray his costs of attending and running the races. He had shirts, patches, stickers and popular post cards.

Thursday, July 17

The schedule for Almabtrieb was one day of practice, two days of practice/qualifying, and the last day is the race. I woke up to a very wet road. Without my luge (which also had my rain wheels) I decided to sit the day out.

I met Michael Brooke,

publisher of Concrete Wave, at lunch. He had come out to watch the race, and he seemed excited about what he saw. I finally subscribed to the magazine, something I've been meaning to do for ages. Go figured, I fly half way around the world to subscribe to a magazine!

After lunch I went out to watch a little of the practice.

It was warm and toasty in there.

Because there were only a few lugers who were going to qualify, they waited until late in the afternoon to run the qualifying session.

After dinner we had another riders meeting.

Friday, July 18

The ground was still wet when I got up.

After dinner the German Championship trophies

The party didn't last as long as it did last night. Apparently many people are taking racing more seriously and are actually getting sleep the night before the race.

Saturday, July 19

The morning was incredible. A few light clouds in the sky, but otherwise a great day. Perfect for a race. We started off with buttboard. There was a mistake in the brackets, apparently #2 was marked down as #12, or something like that. Eimer gave us a second free ride while it was being sorted out.

I wandered down the course to watch a few rounds of standup.

I'm not sure why, but there seemed to fewer spectators than in previous years.

Free riding was allowed between heats.

Standup was finished, so they would free ride behind the luge heats.

I think I qualified 17th, about a half second behind 16th. That was how I finished up, it looks like #16 crossed the line about a half second before I crossed it. I just couldn't get through the turns fast enough.

The awards ceremony was held later that evening.


Torunissac, Deltour, Lebarthe

Street luge:

Lacey, Tournissac, Nlottier

Women's Standup:

Davies, Luginbuehl, Vogler


Smith, Reimer, Ulrich

After the awards were given out the Sector 9 team got up on stage. Today is Sami's birthday, and they brought some presents.

The party was starting to die and I left about 4AM.