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Rock n Roll

Thalgau, Austria

Thalgau is a small Austrian village about 10 minutes from Salzburg. The town has a handful of restaurants, two hotels, and a church. Apparently some tourists will use the town as a base to go site seeing in Salzburg as the hotel rooms are a bit cheaper.

The course is fairly steep, and fast, with three hard turns. The course starts with a straight shot to a hard right. There is a long straight to about the midway point. Reaching max speed there is a hard left hairpin. The corner is fairly flat, it required hard braking to enter the turn, but with the turn flat you can really kill your exit speed. There is another straight shot to the next turn, bringing you back up close to the max speed before a wider right hand hairpin. It felt like this turn could be taken without braking, but I never made it. Exiting the turn brings you out of the forest and within sight of the finish. There is a straight shot to a right turn. The turn isn't that hard, but does require some setup. The finish is not much further.

Tuesday, July 22

We pulled into Thalgau late in the afternoon. Fortunately I had already booked a hotel room. There are only two hotels in town, and with the recent rains some guys opted out of camping. There weren't a lot of rooms available. Of course there weren't a lot of people in town yet either.

Wednesday, July 23

I think we were supposed to start riding at 9, but I woke up and looked out the window and notice the roads were wet. I decide to get a little more sleep. I woke up again just after 9, and it had stopped raining. It looked like the road might actually be drying up. I got ready and walked up to the finish line. I figured things were already under way, but since it was only 10 am, I could still get a few runs in before lunch. The road was mostly dry, and least down here, but when I got to the tent I discovered that the morning practice session had been cancelled. Apparently no one was ready at 9 AM so the session was cancelled.

More people were arriving. Unfortunately with all the rain that the town has received, the campground was a bog.

I was looking forward to riding the hill after lunch. Unfortunately it started to rain.

There were quite a few of us hung out at the corner and watched the wet riding.

A bunch of us ate at one of the local restaurants. We pretty much took over the restaurant, as more and more of us showed up.

Thursday, July 24

The weather hasn't improved much, although it isn't raining. The ground around the tent was still a bog, but someone laid out some tables to create a pathway.

We only got a couple of runs in before lunch. Hopefully it will give the road a chance to dry more.

Breaktfast a

The road was a bit drier after lunch, although the weather was still cloudy and cool.

Not far from the finish line is a small grocery store, where a lot of people hung out, apparently the beer here was cheaper (the RV campground was in the parking lot of the other grocery store.)

Dinner at the tent was chicken.

The party was pretty crazy, and lasted until pretty late.

Friday, July 25

The weather today looks much like yesterday, at least the road is dry.

It took about 3 hours to get all of standup qualified a second time, and it was time for luge,

Much like in Jungholz the party died down pretty early. There were a few stragglers, but none of them were serious contendors.

Saturday, July 26

For the first time this week, I woke up to beautiful weather.

I got knocked out in the first round of classic. But with free rides after every round, I had hoped to free ride after the semis and watch the final at the finish. But they didn't do a free ride after the semi, to get a quick turn around. I missed the finish.

Although we could free ride after each round, I decided to break for lunch

In the quarter finals two skaters wrecked coming out of the last turn. One tried to pull a pass, was too close. Although they wrecked at a decent speed, they were both ok. But one of them was slow getting up. He started to carve the rest of the way down, just taking his time. Unfortunately the next heat was coming down behind him. He crossed the finish line still carving, but the other heat caught him just after the finish line. He carved right in front of Siegrist, as Siegrist was trying to pass into a transfer spot. Siegrist lost control, trying to not to slam into the other skater, and ends up flying into the crowd!

Several people were injured, but I don't think any were seriously injured.

We were going to do our luge warm up run after the standup final.

In my second heat I had probably the three biggest guys in front of me. I figured I could do some drafting and do a fine job. Of course I got off the last, but with the three in front of me I was going faster into the first turn. All three of them turned way later than I expected, and I tried to pass on the inside. Unfortunately just as I dove in, all three dove in and cut me off. I broke too hard to avoid getting hit, and that was pretty much the end of the race for me.

Despite his injury, or maybe because of it, Eliot kept racing.

Before the luge finals we had to pause to let a wedding procession go up the course.

The awards ceremony wouldn't be held until late, so most of us took off to get cleaned up and eat dinner.

There was a band playing when we got back to the tent.



Gravity Bike:


Inline board:

Pfister, Hutter, Tanner


Serek, Lacey, Weigl

Street luge:

Lacey, Labarthe, Eliot


Women's Standup:

Davies, Poscente, Vogler


Erban, Shapiera, Rizzo

After the awards were given out we went back to partying. Another band got on stage.

The party was shut down early, apparently some of the locals complained about noise. The party moved out onto the road, where some of the people were already hanging out. A few people were trying to move the party to the camp, but after a couple of fights broke out I decided it was time to call it a night.